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Perhaps one of the key elements to Peter Parker's popularity is the fact that he's such a clearly defined character. In general, the Spider-Man comics hang out on the lighter end of the comic book spectrum. That's not to say the series doesn't go to dark places occasionally, but it's mostly kept from getting too dark and brooding for its own good. Something must be working, as the character's been going strong for 55 years, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. People have a clear idea who their heroes are and what they represent. If you want a clear example of this, look at the furor over the revelation that Captain America has always been a Hydra agent. When something runs counter to what fans expect, the fallout can be quite severe. When Marvel launched the Ultimate series back in , the idea was to take their iconic characters back to their roots and modernize them.

Felicia hardy nakedFelicia hardy naked

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The daughter of a cat burglar, Felicia Hardy was driven to a life of crime and fitness after being raped in college. Black Cat Nude Pussy Pics. DirtyOldMan Staff. Genres: Superheroes. Audiences: Straight Sex.
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