Things We Can Do For / With You


Maleita and Joe

1.    Single session, half day, all day, and weekend retreats

       for individuals and / or groups

2.    Joint talks on the process of journaling and art as aides for mental health

3.    Mask making workshop

4.    Mandela workshop

5.    Group work for addiction centers, seniors, those who want

       to explore a new way to know themselves



1.    Readings from journal and poetry book

2.    Overview of what a journal can access

3.    Talk on the journal as a spiritual path

4.    Facilitating group on journal process



1.    The power of the visual in journal making / hands on involvement

2.    Children's art classes

3.    Talk on defining a visual journal

4.    Slide show of journal images with talk

5.    Teacher's workshop on how to involve children and teens in this journal format

6.    Creating a process to work through individual areas of concern

7.    Visiting "Artist in the Classroom" (one and a half hour session)


Comments from those who have taken part in our work:


"I had many more tools than I imagined and am so grateful to discover them."

"The space felt safe."

"This is one of the most loving things I've done for myself in a long time."

"My class always looks forward to the days Maleita comes."

"Joe's reading touched me, made me laugh, and threw light on my own path."

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