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Dear Adventurer,

            I  have launched an Inner-Space Ship.

            In the form of a 6”x 9” perfect bound paperback.

            It’s been on the drawing board for years.

  It has been christened The Truth in Twenty…and then Some.

            Subtitled: Entries from my journal/ a rolling memoir.

            On the Ship will be many facets and feelings of my life, about my life. Done as a walk-with-me adventure. Do you have a friend like this? Have you ever been ambushed by the extreme kindness of a stranger? Where were you when you “stood” in nature as a Church? Who opened you to the soul of music? Can you imagine your life or your earth without this grandchild? What tragedy cracked you open? Don’t we all miss Elvis?

If you want to come on board, I’m inviting you to buy your ticket  in this early phase. What with all the necessaries for beginning a good launch ( book copies in a print-on-demand model with increasing discounts with volume, travels to book signings and readings, promotional copies to reviewers, and other marketing strategies, both virtual and real, web-based and brick-and-mortar-based), I would like your help.

Tickets/seats are $18.99 for it’s 279 page roundtrip. To pick you up right at your front door (shipping) I’m asking $25.00 total. Anything more you might want to contribute to promote awareness of and availability of this adventure, I would treasure and readily use. I will, unless you tell me not to, write something inside the cover. I will, even if you tell me not to, hold you in my heart, whatever you decide about this trip.                                                                


           Joe, Captain and Companion


The Particulars:

            Send check or money order to:

            Joe Wise ~ 811 E June Court ~ Cottonwood, AZ 86326


Email:   ~   Website:


Please include a home or physical address for delivery.


The Truth in Twenty  is available as a paperback or e-book at Balboa Press

Soft Cover or E-Book

This is the most author- friendly- cut point of sale.

            It is also available in both formats from Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

          “The Truth in Twenty. The Twenty is minutes. Timed writing. The rest is arriving at emotional truth with pen in hand. I am encouraging writing as self-revelation and as a tool for finding doors and expanding awareness - mostly. The Truth in Twenty also serves as a memoir at seventy- three, exploring specific events, moments, and experiences of my soul and spirit.”      - Joe



Through A Glass Lightly

A book of poems, essays on the large  and small things in life. Also available, a cassette featuring many selections read by the author, accompanied by the sounds and inventions of John Pell and David Barrickman.


What Others Are Saying:





"Enter the world of Joe Wise and through that world

- of saying goodbye to a college bound daughter and

hello to a teenage son, of coaching kiddie basketball,

of remembering a grandfather - into the richness of

the human condition. These very personal poems

evoke life. Treat yourself."   - John Shea


"Joe Wise, a poet musician takes our daily speech and

family life and touches them with a magician's fingers.

As he does, he reveals in the hum-drum hurry of our

lives the Mystery of the marriage of the human and holy.


Each page in this book of poetry plays the music mystics hear and opens our ears so often deaf to that melody in our lives. These poems ignited my imagination and set my soul a' dancing."   - Ed Hays


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Excerpts from "Through a Glass Lightly"


The Squirrel     -     Edges of the Ego     -     So Long Kid     -     Rearrangement

Mason Jarred     -     The Bond


The Squirrel


Mid morning it was

nor dawn, nor noon

no special time by

human measure, no hallowed

space (my back porch

deck) no

reason to alert

the inner eye.

And there he was

this creature of eons

lovely in his



eloquent readiness

tensioned poise

unblinked eye.

Still I stood

quick he moved

now work

now pause

now work

I moved, board squeak

one rapid blink

then hold, shutter change

from forage scan

to alien alert

our presence to each other

altered now. His movements

all so skittish, gone the

deftness, gone the purpose

fearful scurry

oh how sadly

I who gloried in his

gifts became the

cause for hiding them -




the deck



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Edges of the Ego


The old edges

of the ego

are so wondrously comfort

able like

ancient lace around

the dollies of

my youth

as if the care

in fashioning gave

right to



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So Long Kid


Fall has only recently become a favorite time of year again. It's funny just how beautiful we are in dying - out of all the sameness in the green comes the swan song of each leaf - never more different, never more beautiful. And the branches letting go of each someday know the self-same journey from the trunk - and so on and so on - I lost my daughter to college this fall. She's probably coloring right now - an art major - the trip down to Murray State took four or five hours and I rehearsed all the way what I would tell her. And then when the final moments came and I stood amongst the few remaining unpacked boxes in her dorm room, I hugged her and these were the immortal words I uttered: "Well, good luck this semester."


The next night at supper, we put out three place mats, my wife, my son, and I and after we had prayed - two of us looked up with tears and Johnny might have, but he is sixteen and said, "Well, I miss her a little." It's funny to have Sting and Billy Joel absent from the basement while she combed her hair and made her face and all those things. There's an air of expectancy that's gone now too when the phone rings and you know she won't be waiting to see if he loves her tonight. I do. So long, kid and good luck this semester.


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Re arrange this room

he said, my therapist, when I

came ripe for change I said

let's take those drapes

down, louvres there

replace that couch with

swivel chairs, this rug could go

and clear the way for thicker pile

and paler hue, these lamps

are out, more modern lines

and single sockets, silk screen

prints on those two walls of

soft horizons that

should do it doc,

says I

says he while shifting

one small paper weight an

inch or two

upon his desk

this too


a change


the room


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Mason Jarred


I've often wondered what it would be like to get potted. Well, not really potted. I've done that. To get jarred. Well, not jarred in the sense of getting shoved around but put in a jar, canned. If I was a tomato for instance, what would it feel like to live all winter in a closet on a shelf in a jar? What if I didn't have a bear like personality and that much hibernation didn't agree with me? What if I wanted to play a little or ferment a bit of a revolution? And the other tomatoes, what if we didn't get along? That's awfully close quarters. And how do I get chosen? I don't know if it's an insult or not. Do the best get to the table right away? And would it hurt my pride when the canning surgeon decides I need a little cosmetic surgery before I'm ready? A blemish here, a little spot there.


And, oh yes, the big question. Would all that waiting make me more delicious? or is winter just a long, long time?


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The Bond


The bond I want

with you

is as delicate

and as strong

as this slender

spider strand

shimmering in the sun


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